Shower & WC Block

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Our comfortable shower and toilet block permits our campers to enjoy efficient, hygienic showers and toilets all year round.

Designed to the very highest standards, with modern anti-bacterial cubicals designed in Holland, the new showers are ample and spacious, and come equipped with hooks, benches, soap trays, grab hooks and an ample water supply via mixer taps. There are extra large disabled showers and toilet cubicals for the less abled.

And our new solar and gas combination water heating unit gives us ample hot water, all year round, whilst helping to save some 450 tons of CO2 emissions over the next decade. Combined with a new heating circuit, this means our new shower block is cool in the summer, shaded with natural ventilation, and warm in the winter, as it’s equipped with a solar powered heating circuit.

Our showers and toilets continue to be free to all campers, along with the washing up and manual washing sinks, and drying areas. We also have an onsite laundrette with automatic washing machines and tumble dryers.

All other campsite facilities, including our salt water swimming pool, also continues to be free to all campers.