Cricket coming soon!

We’re currently exploring the possibility of setting up a cricket pitch here onsite.

We hope to have it up and running for the season by the end of September 2019, once it’s a bit cooler.

The pitch will consist of the central field, properly laid out, together with an extensive outfield. Shaded seats will also be provided for spectators. Ample car parking is available and we expect it to be free to play – just come along and enjoy yourself.

Initially we expect to play softball cricket.

Softball cricket is a regulated version of regular cricket which is played with a softball (usually a tennis ball). There are two teams of six to eight people. Everyone gets the chance to bat, bowl, and field. Each game takes no more than an hour, and the team with the highest score wins; unless the scores are tied in which case it’s a draw. The England Cricket Board has more information about it here.

Local sports pundit Tony Matthews is helping us set it up, and can generally be blamed for the whole idea

(Of course, if enough regular cricket players want to form a team, they will be more than welcome!)

If you’re interested in playing this free sport, contact us so we can gauge the interest!

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