Mobile homes

16 Las Bouganvillas

(Currently sited on plot 16 Las Bouganvillas but can be moved or sited elsewhere)
A 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom mobile home for € 34,000
Beds: 1 | Baths: 1 | Pet Free Area | Removable Conservatory (pre-built structure in PVC and aluminium segments) | A/C

This large one bedroom home comes fully furnished and is ready to move into. It has air conditioning, a new gas radiator, sofas, a large storage bed and much more.
The additional space in this home allows for a lovely large kitchen with additional counter and cupboard spaces, as well as a huge end lounge which comes with furnishings and sofa.
The home has a large conservatory, which extends into the shed to permit a large private work, hobby or study area.
Outside, the home has patio shading erected as well as a carport to give shade to your vehicle.

(Here are some photos of the home - click on any image to view a larger version with description)
Outside of the home Master bedroom - the bed lifts up as a storage saver! Master bathroom Walk in shower Large spacious, well equipped kitchen Extra large and furnished end lounge Inside the large conservatory Extra large living area A shaded carport completes this home

A large one bedroom home with an extensive conservatory, extra large living room and spacious kitchen. The huge conservatory connects directly into the shed for a work or study area. The home comes fully furnished.

Beds: 1 | Baths: 1 | € 34,000
Pet Free Area | Removable Conservatory (pre-built structure in PVC and aluminium segments) | A/C
Super model, made by Alucasa. Length: 11 meters, width: 4 meters. Total floorspace: 44 m2

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