Mobile homes

1 Calle Mayor

(Currently sited on plot 1 Calle Mayor but can be moved or sited elsewhere)
A 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom mobile home for € 20,000
Beds: 2 | Baths: 1 | Pets Allowed

This tidy little holiday home is in very good condition and has a large sunny patio. It is in an excellent position within the site near the main entrance and shop and pets are permitted.
The master bedroom has a large double bed and the second bedroom has a large bunk bed.
The master lounge comes equipped with a comfortable sofa, large TV and small fold-up dining table.
The shower-room has a walk-in shower unit.
The kitchenette has had new unit frontings installed. It is equipped with a gas hob and small fridge.
The home is always kept at a comfortable temperature thanks to the integrated gas heater and air conditioning unit.
Outside, the mobile home has a large sunny patio and small gravelled garden. The pitch is also equipped with a shed which contains another small fridge, an oven, washing machine and a microwave.

(Here are some photos of the home - click on any image to view a larger version with description)
Outside of 1 Calle Mayor Inside the lounge Bathroom and walk-in shower Master bedroom Outside of the home Second bedroom with bunkbeds Kitchenette

This tidy little holiday home is in very good condition and has a large sunny patio. An excellent position within the site and pets are permitted.

Beds: 2 | Baths: 1 | € 20,000
Pets Allowed
model, made by Alucasa . Length: 8 meters, width: 3 meters. Total floorspace: 24 m2

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