New mobile homes at Los Gallardos Leisure

A limited number of plots are now available for the installation of new mobile homes.

You can bring your own home on-site or have one built to your specifications!

The very last few plots are available! Book quickly before they are snapped up

Plot sizes available

We currently have the following plots available in the pet-free and gated area:

  • Plots of 125 m2
  • Plots of 155 m2

We currently have the following plots available in the pet-permitted area:

  • 1 Plot of 125 m2


The cost to setup the pitch:

  • Setup of pitch:
    • €5,500 (Plots of 125 m2)
    • €10,500 (Plots of 155 m2)
  • Reception of the home onsite: INCLUDED
  • Preparation of the concrete plinth the home and patio stand on: INCLUDED

Reserve your plot now to save!

We want to get rid of the last few plots before concentrating on future projects. So we’re currently offering a rebate worth €4,500 when signing for a standard pitch and €8,500 on a large pitch!

How does this work?

Sign up for a new plot before the deadline with a €1,000 deposit for a standard pitch and €2,000 for a super sized pitch. We would normally expect the rest of the setup payment when your home arrives – but if you take advantage of this special offer we’ll waive the remainder of the fee!

Prices are for information purposes only and may be subject to change without notice.  All  prices quoted include all taxes and are payable in euros. Prices correct as of November 2017.

Site fees commence the day the unit arrives onsite.

Contact us today to get started!

New homes built for you

Welcome to the Camelot

In conjunction with the mobile home builder “Alucasa”, Camping Los Gallardos is pleased to offer the following new build options for installation onsite.

Due to our long working relationship with Alucasa, we are able to offer several exclusive deals for new customers.

We are able to accept Alucasa homes ranging from 30m2 to 54m2. A sample of floor plans are:

For more information on homes see our partner’s site Alucasa.


A detailed quote can be provided on request.

For an appointment to discuss these options further, please contact us.

Bring your home on-site

If you have a mobile home sited elsewhere in Spain you can bring it on-site, as long as it complies with the following:

  • It can’t be bigger than 12m x 4.5m (because anything bigger is considered to be fixed property and cannot be privately owned on a site)
  • It must be in good condition

That’s it!