Reopening on July 1st

Due to the COVID 19 crisis we are currently closed to non residents.

Miraflores bar and restaurant is closed, as are common areas. Residents with access to their own sanitary facilities are permitted to remain on-site in accordance to the Law.

We are currently implementing a series of best practices against COVID19, as developed by the Spanish federation of campsites and the Ministry of Health.

Once these measures have been fully implemented, and we feel that we can safely accept new guests, the resort will fully reopen to the public.

We expect this to happen on July 1st.

If you have a reservation to arrive before then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you are arriving after that date you do not have to do anything as we will be able to accept you as normal.

If you have a unit sited or have a residential unit, then you can come back at anytime.

Stay safe everyone and we’ll be back very soon!