🌳🍊🍋🌳 Los Gallardos Leisure Plants 300 Trees for a Greener Future! 🌳🍈🌳

Los Gallardos Leisure is excited to announce our ongoing commitment to the environment and the local community! This spring, we have taken up the initiative to plant 300 trees within our property, with 120 trees already gracing the grounds.

In an effort to promote biodiversity and support the local ecosystem, we have carefully selected a range of native trees for our project. These include orange, lemon, and olive trees, which not only beautify our surroundings but also contribute to a healthier environment.

And they’re all being watered with recycled water from our complex. Together with our commitment to solar energy – our shower block’s hot water is powered by a solar panel / natural gas combination, and we generate more than half of the electricity we use – we’re doing our bit to cut down emissions at Los Gallardos.

This tree-planting project is a testament to Los Gallardos Leisure’s dedication to environmental sustainability and creating a greener future for generations to come. By increasing the greenery on our property, we are enhancing the overall experience for our guests, supporting local wildlife, and playing our part in mitigating climate change.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the local community and our guests for their unwavering support. We believe that together, we can make a positive difference to the world we live in. Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we continue to plant the remaining 180 trees and watch our lush, green oasis flourish.

Join us at Los Gallardos Leisure to witness this transformation firsthand and be a part of our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future! 🌳🍊🍋🌳