Protect Your Vacation Plans with Our New Cancellation Insurance at Los Gallardos Leisure

Now including pet cover!

At Los Gallardos Leisure, we understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable, and plans may need to change. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new Cancellation Insurance option, designed to offer you peace of mind and security when you book your stay with us. This insurance is available for selection at the moment of booking, ensuring your trip is safeguarded from unforeseen circumstances.

Comprehensive Coverage for Every Eventuality

Our Cancellation Insurance offers various coverage options to suit your needs. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Travel Cancellation Charges

  • Coverage: Up to €5,000 per person and €30,000 per event.
  • What’s Covered: Protects against charges incurred due to trip cancellation.

2. Covid Extension

  • Added Assurance: Coverage extends to situations related to COVID-19, aligning with the current travel landscape.

3. Modification Charge

  • Coverage: Up to €2,000 per person and €10,000 per event.
  • What’s Covered: Reimburses costs for altering dates of your stay, as outlined in the policy.

4. Late Arrival

  • Coverage: Up to €4,000 per rental or pitch, with a maximum of €25,000 per event.
  • What’s Covered: Reimburses for accommodation days not utilized due to late arrival.

5. Interrupted Stay Charges

  • Coverage: Up to €4,000 per person, max €25,000 per event.
  • What’s Covered: Compensates for the costs of the stay already paid and services not used, including cleaning charges, in case of an early return.

6. Replacement Vehicle

  • Coverage: A replacement vehicle in the equivalent category for up to three consecutive days.
  • What’s Covered: In case of a breakdown, physical damage, or theft of your vehicle during your stay.

7. Forgotten Personal Items

  • Coverage: Up to €150 per shipment.
  • What’s Covered: Reimburses shipping costs for sending personal items forgotten in the rental.

8. Pet care !

  • Coverage: Up to 2 vet consultations and a maximum consultation coverage.
  • What’s Covered: Instructions and notification of the authorities in case of animals
    gone missing/disappeared, recovery costs, Rabies screening costs (gone missing abroad)

Why Choose Our Cancellation Insurance?

  • Flexibility: Change or cancel your plans without the worry of significant financial loss.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy your vacation knowing you’re covered for a variety of unexpected situations.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From travel modifications to unexpected early departures, our policy has you covered.
  • Covid-Safe Travel: With our Covid extension, travel in these uncertain times with an added layer of security.

How to Opt for Cancellation Insurance?

It’s simple! When booking your stay at Los Gallardos Leisure, you will have the option to select our Cancellation Insurance. All terms and reimbursement ceilings are clearly indicated in the policy for your convenience and understanding.

Secure Your Stay Today!

Don’t let uncertainties overshadow your travel plans. Opt for our Cancellation Insurance and embark on your Los Gallardos Leisure experience with confidence and assurance. For more details click here.