Pitch Installations FAQ (Campsite)

We want you to enjoy your stay with us, and feel as if Los Gallardos were your second home in Spain, especially with forthcoming Brexit (see our “A Brexit proof home in Spain!” article for more). But there are a set of government regulations which regulate how you can setup your pitch. Continued use of your pitch is dependent upon compliance with the law.

In order to comply with planning regulations and the law on campsites in Andalusia, here is a quick set of guidelines as to what you can and cannot put on your pitch. Please pop into the office and enquire if you have any specific questions. You should always ask for guidance from the site office before erecting anything on your pitch.

What can be put on a pitch?

Only mobile camping units (tents, caravans, motorhomes or camper-vans as defined in law) are permitted on pitches. This means no static units are permitted in the camping area.

Can I modify / install things on my pitch?

You are not permitted to modify your pitch. This includes the installation of fixed elements such as paving slabs or fencing off your pitch. Paving slabs placed upon sand are permitted within your awning as this gives you a firm base.

White goods are not allowed to be installed on your pitch outside of the camping unit. Likewise, any gas appliance that is not certified as “camping gaz” cannot be used on your pitch, nor anything likely to cause or intensify a fire.

What can I put on my pitch?

You are allowed to install one awning and one portable storage tent per pitch. Only one camping unit is allowed to be installed per pitch.

Who can use my unit?

Your pitch is for your use only – you cannot sublet it or allow other people to use it.

Can I build an awning?

No. You can install a canvas awning but you cannot build a framework around the unit. Awnings must have a “direct dependency” upon the camping unit and cannot be free-standing. They must be portable. An awning should not be more than 40% of the size of the unit to which it is dependent, unless sold as an integral part of the caravan.

Can I build a structure on my pitch?

No. You are allowed one awning and one free standing storage tent per pitch, plus sun shade.

Can I put up a sun shade?

Yes. You are allowed to erect portable sun shades to give living area or to protect your vehicle. The sun shade must be portable. It may have side screens to protect against the wind or insects.

Can I install a kitchen in my awning?

Only if it is portable. Gas appliances which are not “camping gaz” cannot be used. White goods cannot be installed on your pitch.

Can I put up a wind break against the wind / to stop my dog from wandering?

Yes you can erect temporary barriers to protect against wind or to protect your pet. You cannot erect permanent structures or block off your pitch. Pets must be kept under proper control at all times (see our pets policy for more details!).

Can my camping unit be blocked in?

No. All mobile units must be capable of being moved at any time. This means they must be in good condition, with wheels inflated and on the ground. They cannot be blocked in or otherwise rendered incapable of being moved in an emergency, ie, fire. Nor can they be anchored to the ground.

Can I install an air conditioning unit / antenna?

Only if this does not stop the caravan from being easily moved. The outside unit of an A/C should be mounted on the camping unit, not left independently on the ground. Antennas must be fixed to your caravan, not campsite property. There is no problem with having radio internet installed, as long as you don’t nail the antenna to a nearby tree!

If you still have any doubts after reading this article, we encourage you to contact us.

The information given is for orientation purposes and is not legal advice. We are proud members of the Federación Andaluza de Campings. Laws cited are the Decreto 26/2018, de 23 de enero, de ordenación de los campamentos de turismo and Decreto 20/2002, de 29 de enero, de Turismo en el Medio Rural y Turismo Activo. This document applies only to mobile camping units and was last updated January 2020. © 2020 ARK 90 S.L.