walking football

Walking Football 8/2/15

It was decided at the end of our last game that it would be necessary to move the pitch and create some desperately needed extra space for the spectators. Showing off their practical skills, team DOMUS set to and moved the pitch away from the dwarf wall which had become a source of injury to many of the players as they tripped, fell or were hurled over it. All in good humour and fun of course. Next they focussed onto the stands and I am proud to say that we now have seating for 6 wide or 8 narrow beams. […]

Walking football report 25th Jan

Walking Football 8th Game Unfortunately for me I had forgotten to bring my ear defenders so as I approached the pitch I was subjected to the sounds of the warm-up. From a distance it sounded like the amplified soundtrack of the popular TV advert for a well known breakfast cereal. “Snap, crackle and pop.” The Mighty Vicko inflated his lungs and was about to blow the whistle when he spied a latecomer trying to slink unnoticed on to the pitch. “I say chappy,” he said in his mellifluous Liverpool accent. “You appear to be a tad late. For that great […]

Walking football 6th January write up

Walking Football 6th Press release With Christmas and New Year a distant memory, the Dangerous Old Men Of Steel began their 6th game of Walking football here at Camping Los Gallardos. Sadly they still have to pick teams from players here on the site because as yet, no one else has found the courage to face this herculean group of ageing super heroes. As I approached the field I could hear the cracking of bones, the creaking of arthritic joints and the thwacking snap of tendons as they finished their warm up routine. Our ref, the Mighty Vicko blew his […]