Fees for mobile home owners

With more than 250 sited homes, Los Gallardos Leisure is the largest mobile home park in the south of Spain.

This means that we can keep community charges lower than other parks!

Please note these prices are for mobile homes, for camping prices please click here.

Pay in advance to get your Early Payment Reward!

This discounted rate means that site fees start from just €230 + tax a month, cheaper than community fees in many apartment complexes!

You can also pay monthly or six monthly, via a lodged card or direct debit.

If you pay for 10 months in advance, you get a discount equivalent to 1/12 of the price!

Site fees vary depending upon the size and location of your plot.

What’s included?

  • Community fees
  • TV (more than 50 UK channels + all Spanish channels)
  • Rubbish tax (levied by local council) and other local charges
  • Maintenance charges

What’s not included?

  • Utilities – water & electricity are metered so you only pay for what you use and there’s no standing charge, so you don’t pay anything when you’re not here
  • Gas (delivered to the site weekly by the gas company Repsol)
  • Insurance (a minimum of a third party insurance policy is required on all homes)

That’s it!

If you have any questions, contact us or pop in for a visit.