Storing your vehicle with us

Camping Los Gallardos is able to offer a secured area where you can leave   your car, caravan or motor home for short or long term periods.

We are able to accept most types of vehicles and also accept vehicles of local residents who own property in the area but lack space to keep their vehicle on their property.

Airport parking service! Park & fly

We also act as an airport parking service thanks to our agreement with Exclusive Airport Shuttles.

Avoid expensive airport storage fees by storing your vehicle with us for just €15 a week and catch the bus to and from the airport.

Early departure? No problem! Just leave the keys at shop and we’ll park it for you.

Fully insured, gated compound

All vehicle left are covered by a general insurance policy covering damage to the vehicle by fire, flood and theft (contents excluded). Please see our terms and conditions.


Prices are €15 a week, €60 a month, 6 months for €300, or 12 months for €450.

If you are planning to visit the campsite during the storage period, we can   take your caravan out of storage and place it onto a pitch ready for your   arrival (€20.00).

For availability, please contact us on +(34) 950 528 324 or contact us.

Terms and conditions apply and must be agreed to before leaving your vehicle.