Terms and conditions of rental of mobile homes

The following outlines the base terms and conditions under which we rent mobile homes for short or long term lets. Please understand that all homes are privately owned and rented through the site office. No rental or subletting of homes on-site is permitted without going through the site office, as stipulated in the general campsite terms of stay. For clarification of any point, please contact us. These terms are subservient to the general Campsite Regulations.

A pre-authorisation of €150.00 is due upon arrival for short term rents and will be charged from your bank card. The pre-authorisation does not apply towards the rental fee. The pre-authorisation will be cancelled within 14 days after departure provided there is no loss or damage to the property. The €150 is not charged to the card upon arrival – it is simply a pre-authorisation that allows us to charge your card in the event of Renter breaking this contract. For long term rents (over 4 weeks) an alternative deposit equivalent to one month’s rent may be held on account, paid before the keys are handed over. In the event that damages exceed the amount of the deposit, Renter will forfeit their deposit and the credit card on file will be charged with the amount of the damages; a detailed invoice of all charges will be supplied.

A deposit to secure your booking is required and this is non-refundable if you cancel within 14 days of your arrival. This deposit is deducted from the cost of the utilities you consume.

COVID CODICILE: In the event of force majeur preventing your arrival at the site, or your return home, the deposit will be refunded even within the 14 days, at the sole discretion of the Site.

Any loss or damage to our properties can be deducted from your security deposit including but not limited to the following: number of guests exceeds that which is listed on the rental contract, replacements and repairs that are considered outside normal wear and tear, conditions that require excessive cleaning/laundry or rearranging of furniture that has been moved, replacement of missing items from unit (including towels), damage to white goods, damage to the structure of the home (including locks and doors), flooding, soiling of towels, linens and carpets, costs to replace keys and misuse of items belonging to the property, non-payment of bills owed to the site.

Lost Key: There will be a €75,00 fee for any lost or unreturned keys to the home and a €25,00 fee for re-entry to home due to lock-outs, lost or misplaced keys. Loss of the security gate fob will incurr a fee of €15.

Upon arrival, please bear in the mind the following:

  • You must at once notify us of any defects or problems found, otherwise you may be held responsible for them.
  • All members of the party are required to present an official ID (passport, EU ID card, driving licence or similar) upon arrival.
  • A complimentary welcome pack is provided for you. Refills are not included but can be arranged.
  • Use the unit as a place to live; you may not use it for any filmmaking, photo shoots, unlawful, improper, or offensive purpose.
  • Furniture is not to be moved within or from the home.
  • No animals/pets allowed in the home or on the property.
  • No smoking within the home.
  • Please obey all house rules posted in unit and the general rules of the campsite, including respecting the hours of silence between midnight and 6am.
  • Only the number of persons indicated in the booking reservation shall occupy the property and there may never be more people within the property than available beds.
  • The property is fully equipped and furnished including bedspreads, linens, blankets, pillows, towels (not beach), toilet paper and cutlery, along with spares. Other supplies (e.g. detergent, shampoo) are not provided.
  • The property will be inspected and cleaned after your departure; included in the rental is one normal cleaning so you can enjoy your vacation up to the last moment.

Please leave the property in the same general condition that you received it. If additional cleaning is required appropriate charges up to a rate of €35,00 per hour will be at the guests expense.

Check-In: Unless otherwise arranged check-in will be on the first day of your stay; please call us to set a time.

Check-out: Check-out time is 10 am. However, if no new guests are arriving on this day we will try to accommodate requests for later check-out if possible. Please let us know your check-out time upon arrival. You are responsible for settling any outstanding bills, including your final utility bill, at this point.

Please note that:

  • Housekeeping services are available upon request only and will incur additional fees.
  • Changes: We must be notified of any changes as soon as possible for which there may be a service charge for each accepted change to the reservation. No refund will be given for an early departure or late arrival.
  • Utilities (water, electric) are metered and charged for as used at the end of your stay. For short term stays, gas is included. Please inform the Reception if you have to change a gas bottle over so we can replace the empty one. For long term stays, you are responsible for buying new gas bottles from the delivery company, check for times with Reception. The cost of the utilities consumed will be deducted from the deposit you paid to secure your booking (not the security deposit), and if payable upon departure.
  • You must leave the unit on the date and time designated, unless prearranged, and any additional rent must be paid in advance unless otherwise arranged.
  • Abandoned possessions: we are not responsible for any items left behind by guests; any items found will be held for a maximum of one week. After such time any unclaimed items will be delivered to a local charitable organization or destroyed. Upon request any items found on the premises will be returned to you at your expense through mailing service; postage may be deducted from your security deposit.
  • The home may not be sublet or assigned.
  • Guests are permitted to visit the home free of charge, but are not allowed to spend the night on-site without registering at reception and paying an overnight fee.
  • The site has the right to enter the property without prior notice in order to:
    • make necessary, urgent or agreed repairs
    • to supply any services agreed upon
    • in the event of an emergency
    • when requested to do so in order to check the integrity of the unit
    • in the event of an abnormal situation

In certain circumstances the home you have requested may not be available for reasons outside of the control of the site. In this case, you agree that the site has the right to change your booking for an equal unit of the same size and condition without prior notice. Unavailability of a specific home is not grounds for a cancellation when a home of equal condition is available.

For the mutual convenience of the parties it is understood and agreed that by making payment as requested the guest and all members of the party have acknowledged and consented to all terms and conditions in this agreement as well as consenting to the rules of the campsite. No actual signature is required.

Please note: This information is provided for informative purposes only and is a translation of the original Spanish document entitled Condiciones de arrendamiento de bungaloes. The current version of the terms and conditions of stay, as well as the internal rules of the campsite (normativa interior del campamento de turismo) are always available to view in the Reception and will be provided upon request. Where appropriate, such documents have been lodged with the Andalusian ministry of tourism as required by law. This version was last updated September 2017.