Coming with your pet?

We love pets! Which is why your pet can now stay free on our daily or weekly tariffs, and will be charged just €10 a month on long term tariffs.

But there are rules and regulations about them, and we have to think of what everyone wants.

Which means keeping you happy, and the person across the site who doesn’t like dogs, equally happy!

So please check that:

  • I understand that by bringing animals onto the campsite, I am responsible for their good conduct.
  • I understand that animals on campsite are regulated under the applicable Andalusian laws: DECRETO 164/2003 (Junta de Andalucí­a, BOJA 122 de 27 Junio), and the LEY 11/2003 (Junta de Andalucí­a, BOJA 237 de 10 Diciembre).
  • I am in possession of all necessary documentation & vaccinations for my pets, in accordance with above rules.
  • I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that my animals are at all times quiet, hygienic and under control.
  • I understand that dogs must be on a lead at all times while within the campsite and accept responsibility.

We have produced a brochure for pet owners coming onsite, please click here to view it.

(To view pdf files you need to have Adobe Reader installed)