Charity events at Miraflores

At Miraflores, we love to help you raise funds for good causes!

We organize the whole event for you, and donate the organization costs.

Services we can offer

  • Finding the ideal musician or band
  • A perfect location for up to 400 people
  • Possibility of stalls and parallel fund-raising on the day
  • Great food with a per-person wholesale price starting from €7
  • All ticket sales managed from a central location – no more worries about lost tickets or confusion over numbers
  • Sale of tickets via a central telephone number and card processing facilities
  • Online and print marketing to thousands of people
  • Full management of the entire day, from ticket sales to food, site safety and security and regulation matters

Taking a donation as part of the ticket price

We offer the possibility of including a donation as part of the ticket price, but please note donations via the ticket price will incur IVA at 10%. So a €5 donation will incur fifty cents worth of tax.

We donate the cost of issuing, selling and processing tickets.

This includes the card processing and ticket handling fee

if people buy over the phone with a card.

Once all the tickets have been sold, then we will transfer your portion of the money, less IVA, in exchange for a donation receipt.

Contact us today to see how our team can get your event up and running!