Books about Almería

If you’re coming to this amazing region of Spain for the first time, why not read up on it before you come?

Here are some of our favourite books about Almeria, available to purchase or download via Amazon:

Flamingos in the desert

From flamingos to earthquakes, gold mines to goats, prickly pears to wildfires, and white villages to the sets of cinematic history – Kevin Borman takes you on a unique journey from Cabo de Gata to the Sorbas Gypsum Karst and beyond,sharing his reflections and intimate understanding of the landscapes, wildlife and culture of this fascinating and little-known pocket of wild Spain. With maps, a detailed index and a link to an online photo gallery, this book is the ideal companion for the curious traveller, whether passing through on foot or spinning through the sunshine on two wheels or four.
The first book to get to the heart of Almería – a must-read for all residents and visitors.” Jackie Bragg

Spanish notes

Spanish notes is a series of light articles originally published in the English language press in Spain about different aspects of living in Spain.

Ever wondered about the Spanish passion for football? Why Spanish TV insists upon keeping the original soundtrack on low behind the translated dubbing? Why the Spanish always put the flower sellers at the exit to the market?
David Jackson answers all these questions and much more as well as he lightly trips over a series of questions that are guaranteed to make you both smile, and appreciate Spain that little bit more after reading them.
The Olive Press newspaper says that “Spanish Notes is an interesting mix of musings on Spanish life… A wry look at the idiosyncrasies of living in a foreign country in dozens of easy digestible chapters.”
Jon Clarke (Editor), The Olive Press

The birth of Los Gallardos

Los Gallardos is our local town, and in this essay we look at how the village first declared independence in 1924, and quietly evolved into a modern bright little town!