Paying from abroad

The easiest way to settle your bill is to ask your local bank to do an international transfer to us. They will work out the amount in Sterling and send us the money.

All necessary SWIFT information is available on your bill. If you need it again, please contact us.

Please ensure that your name or invoice number appears as the reference when you send the money, otherwise we may have problems referencing your payment. You should send us the reference once the transfer has been ordered using our contact us link.

Please note that unless previously arranged we cannot accept Sterling cheques, or Euro cheques drawn on a non-Spanish bank.

Information on late payment of bills

Please settle any outstanding water or electric bills before you leave. Any utility bills that are issued while you are away are not liable for any late payment charges, as long as they are settled upon your return.

You can now arrange a direct debit in order to always keep up to date with your payments! Ask in the shop for more details.

Your mobile home or pitch rental bill is always issued one month in advance of the due date. If not settled by the due date, you will lose any applicable discounts. If overdue by more than one month, we will apply a 10% late payment charge, and any other charges that are applicable.

Please note that it is your responsibility to settle these bills if you are away. We cannot accept any responsibility for reminding you of your outstanding bills.

Upon prior request, we will send any outstanding or due bills to an alternative address or email.

For any further information, please do feel free to contact us, or call Gareth Foster on either (UK call) 020 7870 5622 OR +(34) 950 528 324 between 09:00 and 16:00 GMT+1 Monday to Friday.