Pool restrictions for summer 2020

Alhough the pool is fully open and being used, regional COVID-19 restrictions means we have to cap the number of users to 50% of usual capacity.

In order to control this, all guests are given access to an app they can use on their phone, tablet or computer. The app allows you to see how busy the pool is at any given time, and book free use of the pool.

If you don’t have a reservation, you can’t access the pool area.

You can book usage of the pool up to seven days in advance.

We have opened a new terrace which means there is even more room between sunbeds than before!

Upon arrival in the pool area, please select any sunbed, and give it a wipe down before and after usage using the cleaning products freely available.

Mask usage

You don’t need to wear a mask in the pool or on your sunbed. You are only required to wear a mask when you cannot keep social distance from other people not in your family unit, or when ordering at the bar. Please remember to bring you mask when you come to the pool.

Water quality

Following advice from the regional health ministry, we have slightly upped the chlorine content of the pool – it is currently at around 1.8 mml. Check the noticeboard in front of the poolroom for today’s values. This should not affect you in any way as it is within legal parameters.

Please remember to shower before using the pool. Although sun block should be used, please shower to remove excess oil before leaping into the water! Otherwise it comes off and starts to float in the water!

Use by non-residents

Non-residents can continue to use the pool but can only reserve on the day if there are free spaces available.

The pool costs €5 p,p, to use but this can be redeemed against food – so if you eat, it’s free!


For more information about the pool usage, please click the blue bird in the bottom right of this page to speak to Reception, or contact us.