Terms & Conditions

Use of clubhouse lockers – terms and conditions

Locker rental run from January 1st to December 31 and rates are not pro-rated or refundable. Fees must be annually before keys are issued. Rentals are linked to your club membership. If club membership lapses you must pay standard locker rates to continue using the locker; otherwise the locker will be deemed to have been abandoned. ARK 90 S.L. provides the lockers for your own use at your own responsibility and is not responsible for any theft, vandalism or damage that may occur to the locker or its contents. Upon the end of your rental period the locker must be […]

Pitch Installations FAQ (Campsite)

We want you to enjoy your stay with us, and feel as if Los Gallardos were your second home in Spain, especially with forthcoming Brexit (see our “A Brexit proof home in Spain!” article for more). But there are a set of government regulations which regulate how you can setup your pitch. Continued use of your pitch is dependent upon compliance with the law. In order to comply with planning regulations and the law on campsites in Andalusia, here is a quick set of guidelines as to what you can and cannot put on your pitch. Please pop into the […]

Condiciones generales de compra

1. ACEPTACIÓN DE ÓRDENES DE COMPRA DE ARK 90 S.L. El proveedor deberá aceptar por escrito la orden de compra de ARK 90 SL en un plazo máximo de 5 días a contar de la fecha de recepción de la orden de compra (bien confirmando el orden escrito, o bien enviada vía E-mail remitiendo a ARK 90 SL su aceptación escrita, citando el número de orden de compra, el precio y plazo de entrega allí establecidos), quedando obligado a su cumplimiento y a las presentes condiciones generales de compra. Cualquier modificación introducida por el proveedor en su documento de aceptación […]

Ticket sales terms and conditions

In these terms and conditions of sale, “Miraflores” refers to the catering and entertainment arm of Los Gallardos Leisure, a resort run by the Spanish limited company ARK 90 S.L., with CIF B04122974, registered in the mercantile registrar of the province of Almería with the following inscription details: R.M. de Almeria: Tomo: 6, Libro: 0, Folio: 11, Seccion: 8, Hoja: AL127. The following conditions apply to all ticket sales unless otherwise specified at the time of sale, irrespective of being purchased either physically (via a sales outlet) or online. Purchasing tickets Tickets you purchase are for personal use only. Except as we […]

Camping Clubcard terms and conditions

Preamble 1. The promoter of the Camping ClubCard is ARK 90 s.l., with CIF nº B04122974 and social domicile at La Perulaca s/n, 04280 Los Gallardos, Almería, Spain, henceforth known as “ARK 90” or “Camping Los Gallardos”. 2. These terms and conditions were published on the 1st of March 2018 and as from 00:01 hours on that date became the sole governing contract between users of the scheme and ARK 90. 3. ARK 90 reserves the right to change these terms, at any time, on reasonable notice for legal, regulatory, business or policy reasons. Members who continue to participate in […]

Terms and conditions of rental of mobile homes

The following outlines the base terms and conditions under which we rent mobile homes for short or long term lets. Please understand that all homes are privately owned and rented through the site office. No rental or subletting of homes on-site is permitted without going through the site office, as stipulated in the general campsite terms of stay. For clarification of any point, please contact us. These terms are subservient to the general Campsite Regulations. A pre-authorisation of €150.00 is due upon arrival for short term rents and will be charged from your bank card. The pre-authorisation does not apply […]