“Casa de Oficio” in Los Gallardos visits Camping Los Gallardos

The “Casa de Oficio La Cimbra” educative workshop for Young Adults visited Camping Los Gallardos to learn more about tourism in the area, and how people from abroad come to the area to enjoy Almeria.

The group at Casa de Oficio La Cimbra in Los Gallardos

The group at Casa de Oficio La Cimbra in Los Gallardos

Group Operations Director David Jackson showed them around the site, and explained how the complex was built from scratch into the largest mobile home park and campsite in the south of Spain over the last 23 years.

Chief Monitor Baltasar Ramirez said his group greatly enjoyed the tour, which included refreshments and a breakfast.

Playing chess!

Enjoying a group game of chess

Whilst here, the group of youths learnt more about the great art of Caravanning, and how the lure of the warm winter sun brings people from all over Europe to enjoy Almeria during the winter months.

They were also shown around a mobile home, and introduced to the concept of winter oversea living, a concept they certainly approve of!

The group was also introduced to the game of Lawn Bowls, being shown around the Almeria Lawn Bowling Centre, and before leaving had a group game of chess on the giant chessboard.