Owner letting scheme

If you’re not among the lucky few who can enjoy their holiday home or lodge throughout the entire season, you might encounter periods when it remains unoccupied. This is where the Owner’s Letting program comes in handy.

Our resort has experienced a significant surge in interest for caravan and lodge vacations in recent years. Consequently, numerous owners have capitalized on this trend by renting out their holiday homes when they’re not in use, and you can do the same.

As an owner, you can then utilize the generated income to offset site fees and other expenses.

How does the Letting scheme work?

  • We carry out an inspection of your home to ensure that it is suitable for renting and that you have the minimum equipment necessary in the home
  • You then let us know what periods in the year you plan to use the home, leaving it free for us to find guests the rest of the year
  • We carry out all cleaning and maintenance tasks to ensure your mobile home is ready for guests – we also charge guests for utility usage, keep a security deposit against damages and other tasks

If you are a mobile home owner interested in the Letting scheme, or are planning to buy a mobile home with us and want to let it, please contact us and we’ll give you the full terms and conditions.