Improvements to our water recycling system on-site

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve started a major upgrade to the waste water processing facility on-site.

We recycle water used on-site to water our gardens – after all, water is very precious here in the desert and we have to look after it! But the current system has reached the end of its posted lifespan and so it’s time to upgrade.

After consultation with a specialist consulting firm from Murcia, we have purchased an all new, top of the range separation and disinfectant system to treat our waste water for the next decade.

Water is treated through a three stage system, culminating in an ozone based disinfectant process, leaving biologically inert water ready for our gardens 😀 The whole system will be verified to legal standards by a six-monthly independent assessment via a laboratory report.

This system will guarantee correct and legal treatment of waste water for the next decade at least, and is the latest investment we’re making into our great community site here in Spain.

The system will eventually be powered by solar panels, making it entirely Co2 neutral, although the installation of solar panels will require additional planning permission.

Residents don’t have to do anything, or even pay anything towards this, this post is purely for your information 😃 Merry Christmas!