Yuletide Tree of Remembrance

During November a Yuletide Tree of Remembrance will be erected onsite.

All are invited to dedicate a light and make a donation in memory of a loved one who is no longer with us. Each light represents a memory, and each name will be entered into a special book of memories.

All donations will go towards medical needs and assisting those who need some special help this forthcoming year.

On the 10th of December at 7pm a special Remembrance Service shall be held with the singing of Christmas Carols, poems and shared thoughts of times gone bye. During the service the Book of Memories shall be presented and laid at the foot of the tree by our youngest and oldest residents.

Afterwards, mulled wine and minced pies will be served.

A suggestion box has been opened to help with the donations in the shop.

Please see Siobhan if you wish to purchase a memory light.